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May is here and Spring is in full swing. So let's celebrate the beautiful weather by staying indoors and playing board games all day!

Last month was a bit of an anomaly and we couldn't have our normal board game night, but we did have a great time at International Board TableTop Day. Thanks for coming!

So let's get back to business and welcome back board game night with a bang. To do this, I'll need your help spreading the word and inviting any of your friends or family that can make it.

We'll also be starting our Red Cross Fundraiser back up with a contest. You have a chance of winning a copy of The Builders: Middle Ages! All you have to do is leave a donation in the "Super Jar of Awesome Donations" and you'll be entered. Any amount is appreciated and now is a great time to donate due to the Nepalese earthquake. Let's help them out.

As always, remember to RSVP at this link and bring a snack and a friend. See you there!


If you want to learn a particular game, just leave a comment on the RSVP page and I'll make sure to go over the rules and find enough players to make it happen.