Welcome to the land of Fae. The world is in disarray and the balance of power has shifted to the wrong side. But these druids can’t be bothered by such nonsense. They have their minds set to different matters. Matters of great significance. Since time immemorial, they’ve followed a single creed: There ain’t no party like a druid party.

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The Estates

Business isn't about success, it's about winning. That means doing better than your competitors even if it means bending the rules to get what you need. So when the city council approved the zoning plan for some new luxury urban developments, you knew it was your time to shine.

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Preview of Ragusa

Sure, Venice is nice, but it’s so big and crowded. You’ll never get the personal care and attention that you need. They have thousands of ships coming in and out of the port every year. To them, you’re just another of the faceless crowd. Come to a place where we’ll treat you right. We might not be much to look at now, but we’ve got people hard at work building the infrastructure that you need. We’ll treat you right in Ragusa.

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videoAlex SinghRagusa
Bruxelles 1893

Art. It has the power to make you feel, to make you think. Great works can inspire great things and can bring great wealth. Art for art’s sake or art for fame and glory, each has its appeal. But me? I make art for sweet, sweet victory points. You want me to work in the Art Nouveau style? You’d better be generous with the points. That’s just the way it is in Bruxelles 1893.

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Sol: Last Days of a Star

Where there is light, there is life. The sun has given us everything, but is now entering its final chapter. The death of the sun is pushing life as we know it to the brink of extinction. All things must end, but hopefully you manage to survive a little longer. The situation is dire, but as long as humanity has hope this is a chance. This is Sol: Las Days of a Star.

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Preview of Dale of Merchants Collection

The early platypus gets the ... whatever it is the platypus eats. Or so the saying goes. Load your wagon and gather your wares it’s off to the market. Selling is what you do and selling is what you’re good at. But competition is fierce. Whoever can set up the best market stalls fastest will come out on top. A salesanimal’s work is never easy in Dale of Merchants Collection.

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Preview of Pax Pamir 2nd Edition

Last year, I came across a game that turned me inside out. It challenged me to rethink what I appreciate in a board game and why I even play them at all. It proved difficult to learn and frustrated me in some of its execution. But it was also incredibly smart and tense. So when I heard that designer Cole Wehrle had decided to revisit his first design and was looking for feedback on the 2nd edition I was more than interested to check it out.

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Small City

Bumbling bureaucrats, lazy law-makers, and pallid politicians everywhere you look. It's a miracle anything gets done around here. But you, you're different. You have ambition, a certain drive that makes you stand out amongst the crowd. You got into the public sector to make a difference and people are starting to notice. Now it's your chance to prove you have what it takes to become the mayor of Small City.

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There’s an ocean of oil beneath your feet. If it were up to you it would be all yours. If only things were that easy. You’ll have to fight, out maneuver, and even work with your opponents if you want to come out on top. But  what about the little guy, the independent oil maverick. Their efforts are admirable, but this a global game now. There’s no more room for the Wildcatters.

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