Giving from the Bottom Shelf 2014

Update: Winner announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered and chose to donate. There were 21 entrants with a total of about $84! Not bad at all! From these entrants a winner was randomly chosen and that winner is:


Congratulations and that you so much for your generosity.

Board games are fantastic! They bring people together, foster relationships and facilitate memories. They're also incredibly silly. And not in the clown slips on a banana peel kind of way, but in the pondering the scope of the universe kind of way. In the grand scheme of things, board games perhaps aren't the most important sunject. But that could be said for a lot of things, couldn't it? Still, it's important to keep your perspective and what better way than charity. If Extra Life and the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund are anything to go on, board gamers are an amazingly charitable bunch. Even during my monthly board gaming meetups, we have fundraising events where players are able to donate to charity and have an opportunity to win prizes. And now I want to extend that opportunity to you.

The Prize

Up for grabs is a $30 gift certificate from CoolStuffInc. Cool Stuff is an online outlet for all sorts of tabletop greatness and my retailer of choice.

Cool Stuff Inc is a U.S. based store and I know shipping from the U.S. to international addresses can be expensive and will chew through most of the $30 gift certificate. I want as many people to be able to participate so for international winners I will provide a gift card equivalent to $30 USD to the online board game retailer of your choice provided it can easily be purchased via Paypal, Amazon Payments or Visa from the U.S.

How to enter

My initial idea was to have you donate to a charity and submit your receipt to enter. But it was pointed out to me that this may be against the law in some jurisdictions and could be construed as a form of gambling. I thought about cancelling the contest altogether, but I really want to help charity. So instead, all you have to do is send an email to with the subject line: Giving from the Bottom Shelf 2014. That's it! Nothing else to it. I will also highly suggest that you donate to charity when doing so and let me know how much you donated in the email. It won't help your chances or disqualify you if you don't. Will this open the contest up to abuse? Possibly, but I like to think that board gamers are a special breed and will follow the spirit of the contest. Entries must be submitted by November 30th, 12 PM PST. The winner will be selected randomly and contacted via email.

Suggested Charities

Spread the Word

While every dollar helps, lots of dollars helps a lot! So please help me spread the word. Tell your friends, share online and the message out there. If you're not a regular visitor or you never intend to come back, that's OK! I just want to raise as much money as possible. And to push things along, I will increase the prize $10 for every 50 entries that indicated that they donated!

I truly hope this becomes a successful endeavor and that I can do it year after year. But I'm going to need your help doing it. Thank you for kindness!


If you're still reading way down here, I'd also like to ask you to submit a question to the Bottom Shelf Mailbag if you have a spare moment. It won't get you any extra entries, but I'm running a bit low on questions and I love answering them.


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