News from the Bottom Shelf

Hello and welcome to the first installment of News from the Bottom Shelf where I will highlight announcements and interesting tidbits from around the board gaming world. Content will vary and include new releases, reprints, good deals, musing and interesting articles from other writers. Basically anything that tickles my fancy. And I am quite ticklish. Let's proceed!


Joe Huber over on The Opinionated Gamers (an excellent site which you should have bookmarked) has written a great article on How Acquire Became Acquire. It's a fascinating look into the history and development of one of board gaming's beloved children. Well researched and interesting throughout, Joe's treatment of the subject is worth a read even for those who have no experience with the game (i.e. a certain Bottom Shelfer).

Board Game Geek has some new information on the upcoming King of New York. This is the follow up to the incredibly popular King of Tokyo and will stand alone as it's own game. Overall, it sounds very similar to its predecessor. Victory is earned by earning 20 victory points or being the last monster standing. The designer, Richard Garfield, has added a new 'Fame' mechanism and changes to how the board works. From what's shown so far, it might be possible to use the monsters from the first game in this follow up. Be sure to check out some of the previewed cards. There will be a limited supply available at GenCon with a wider release in September.

Speaking of GenCon and Board Game Geek, a massive preview list of everything to expect at the show is being kept by W. Eric Martin. It's quite extensive and will continue to grow even as the show goes on. If you want to drown in a sea of new board game info keep this list handy.

A newcomer to the board game accessory field is GameTrayz (the 'z' means they're extremez). They've launched with a game tray(z?) for Terra Mystica. It aims to keep your pieces nice an organized in the box. But better still is that they can be used while playing making setup and cleanup a snap. They look well made and the price is extremely reasonable as far as custom board game accessories go. Only $9.99 for the full Terra Mystica set. As of now they only have trayz for the one game but are looking to expand their inventory in the future. You know you're in deep when cardboard organizers get you excited.

Z-Man games has announced an expansion to Merchants & Marauders via a Facebook contest. Little is known about the expansion, but designer Christian Marcussen says, "You can expect more of the same + more meat + more options for your adventures on the high seas of glory." Hopefully this means that the base game will be more readily available. It's often lauded as the pinnacle of pirate board games, but has been frustratingly difficult to find.

And a distant cousin to board games is Hitman: Go. This is a mobile game with a heavy board game motif based on the popular video game series Hitman. It was recently released for Android after being available for a bit on iOS. You will control a hit man (suprise!) represented by a miniature figure around the board in order to complete various missions. It's extremely well done and well worth the measly $4.99.

And that's all the news from the Bottom Shelf. Did I miss anything interesting? Let me know in the comments below. And don't forget to submit your questions to the Mailbag and have it answered in the future.