Empires rise and empires fall, but your family's legacy will live on. You will use military might, political savvy and commercial cunning to expand the reach of the Serenissima Republic. Fame and influence will be yours as they chant your name in the city of Venetia.

Design : Marco Maggi & Francesco Nepitello  Art : Matteo Alemanno  Publishing : Passport Game Studios

Design: Marco Maggi & Francesco Nepitello Art: Matteo Alemanno Publishing: Passport Game Studios

This video represents my initial thoughts on the game after a few plays. I played the game enough to form some solid opinions, but will return later in the month to provide a more in-depth analysis after I've spent more time with it.

If you've played Venetia and want to share your thoughts or if you have questions about the game, leave a comment down below and I'll try and address them in the follow up Final Thoughts Review.