Welcome to the Bottom Shelf! This is a place where I can share my thoughts on board and card games. It's mostly a place where I can futz with web design, product photography, and video production while talking about one of my favorite things.

Each game I cover will usually begin with an initial thoughts video. These videos run around 3-5 minutes and provide a quick overview along with my impressions of the game after a few plays. These aren't comprehensive by any means, but I will have played the game enough that I feel comfortable giving an opinion. They're meant more as a starting off point than anything. You'll get an idea what the game is about and if it's something you might be interested.

Following the initial thoughts video will be a final thoughts article. These will be more in depth than the videos and will assume you are familiar with how the game works. I'll address issues that arise after multiple playthroughs, what works and what doesn't. If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns about a particular game, be sure to post them in the comments and I'll be sure to address them.

Thank for visiting!